Learn about Molly Rowlee’s story, what The Molly Fund is all about and what you can do to help support children with cancer.

Molly's Story

Molly was a beautiful, athletic, little girl and one day, while we were sledding, she complained of a stomach ache.  After a couple of days, we brought Molly to the doctor and we were told that she had a stomach bug.  When Molly's stomachache didn't improve, we brought Molly back to the doctor and we were told that she was constipated.  My wife, Meighan, was frustrated over the fact that Molly was not getting better and two weeks after Molly was diagnosed with a stomach bug she brought Molly to Portsmouth Hospital and demanded a CAT Scan.  After Molly received the CAT Scan, Portsmouth immediately sent us to Children's Hospital-Boston and in a blink of an eye our world was turned upside down and we were devastated.

Cancer is cruel. Molly was five years old when she lost her battle with anaplastic large cell Lymphoma. This non Hodgkin's Lymphoma is a very treatable form of cancer with a tremendously high success rate - yet our lil' Molly is not a success story. Molly was diagnosed with cancer in February 2009, and she initially responded well to her chemo treatments and her cancer was soon in remission. In June, the cancer returned and became very aggressive. July 12th 2009 Molly passed. She battled cancer for five months - five short months. Life can be so cruel…

About the Molly Fund

The Molly Fund is Molly's legacy. When Molly passed, I knew in my heart that there HAD to be some good that would surface from Molly’s death and that “good” is The Molly Fund. We have established the Molly Fund at Dana Farber Cancer Institute / Children’s Hospital-Boston and we’re utilizing the Pediatric Resource Program that will provide concrete assistance to on-treatment patients and their families, especially those in need. The Molly Rowlee Fund will be used to assist families with expenses that directly affect their well being and would make an immediate and positive impact on the lives of pediatric patients and their families.

Molly’s battle with cancer sparked the love of a community and thousands of people rallied behind Molly, as well as our family, and the love continues to flourish with The Molly Fund. Molly has taught us many things throughout this journey. We understand too well how very precious life is and we have come to redefine the priorities in all of our lives. Suddenly, we are able to find more time to spend with our families. We hug each other more tightly, kiss each other more passionately, and we're focused on being better parents....better people. Molly's fight has also taught us the importance of helping others. We have been blessed with an incredible amount of support, from friends, family, and strangers alike, and it's clear to us now that Molly's legacy - the Molly Fund - will continue to help other families endure the financial strain while they are helping their child battle cancer.

Aloha. We are a family of surfers and the ocean is an important part of our lives. We are fortunate to be a part of a wonderful surfing community here in NH and we have learned that this community stretches far beyond the borders of our beautiful seacoast region. We have received "aloha" from the far corners of the world, from surfers and families that we have never met, and we have all truly learned the meaning of "aloha." Aloha shall be Molly's legacy as well. We encourage everyone to pass aloha on to other and to spread the love. Molly's death has taught us the importance of community. There is strength in numbers, and together we shall help keep Molly's beautiful spirit alive with The Molly Fund. We are all here to help. Molly would have wanted to help.



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