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The “puck” stops here…....

Jan 10, 2010


I was cleaning the stickers off of Molly’s bedroom door this afternoon. The Pats were on TV, getting hammered by Baltimore, but I wasn’t paying attention to the game. I sat on the floor in the hallway, worked at removing the stickers on Molly’s door, and I stared into her room and cried.

I miss her so much. Daddy’s little girl is gone…..

Meg and Kieran have been in NC for the past week and they’re staying down there through the month of January. Meg’s initial thought was to escape the cold weather, but it’s been just as cold down south as it has been up here. I am flying down to see Meg and Kieran on Friday for a few days, but January is a chaotic travel month for me so it’s cool that they’re down in NC. I have never spent a lot of time in the house alone. There have been days when I’ve popped home for lunch and have walked in the door and found Meg in tears. Now I understand.

It took a week of solitude, walking into an empty house every night, for me to come to terms with my emotions. I am living the bachelor life for a month! Fun pass! You would think that I would be down in Salisbury, hangin’ with the boys every night at the “ballet,” and playing poker but that’s not the case. I needed some alone time, and I really didn’t realize that I needed that time alone until this afternoon when all I did was walk around the house in tears. A quiet house, filled with wonderful memories of Molly, will have that effect on a person. Meg, I love you and I miss you and Kieran so much. Now I understand…..

I am going to be honest with you all – Christmas was difficult. Thank you all for the beautiful messages, the many wonderful Christmas cards, and I read them all again today as I was packing up Christmas ‘09. “Frumpy” is the only word that comes to mind when describing Christmas. The days leading up to Christmas were fantastic. I was happy, Meg was feeling good, but then the reality of not celebrating Christmas with Molly hit me like a feverish right hook on Christmas Eve, after we had gotten home from church, and I immediately felt… frumpy. Meg and I managed to put on our “happy faces” for Kieran on Christmas morning, but by 8:00 a.m. Meg told me to get out of the house and go surfing. There were good waves on Christmas day.

I paddled out at my favorite spot and spent a few hours catching some waves with a few friends. I wasn’t in the mood to talk. I was frumpy, and all I wanted to do was catch waves in silence. By the end of the session, I started to see the light and the gloom was beginning to fade. My pals in the water were “hooting” for my waves and I began shouting at their good rides. The sun was starting to shine.

When Meg’s family finally made it over to our house for Christmas, Meg and I were smiling. We were both happy and the “frumpiness” had passed…..

We survived out first Christmas without Molly……

We need your help. On March 21st., we are going to have a Molly Fund event in order to raise some big dough for the Molly Fund. We sent $10,000 to other families in order to help these folks financially while they focused on helping their child survive cancer. Ken Linesman is a local surfer and a former Bruin hockey player, and Kenny is helping us lead the charge by lending his expertise and help us organize the first annual BRUINS ALUMNI vs. THE SURFER’S hockey game at the Exeter Rink on March 21st. We need to raise a lot of money and I’m looking for volunteers. Dave Cropper, Cinnamon Rainbows, is the team captain for The Surfer’s team and we’ve put together an all star cast. Believe me when I say that there are a few surfer’s that can play hockey. There will be some celebrity guest appearances, and I’m being very truthful in mentioning that this an event that you will not want to miss. We need volunteers to help us sell tickets to the game, raffle tickets, sell Molly Fund tees and bracelets, and we’re looking for silent auction items. If you would like to help us out, please send me an email or a message on Molly’s Care Page and I will get in touch with you.

Getting the Bruins Alumni ain’t cheap, and we really need to sell a lot of media guide ads, raffle tickets, and silent auction items in order to raise money for the Molly Fund. We are focused to make this happen and we can use some help, so please lend a hand if you’re able to do so….this event is going to be a lot of fun!!! Rick Middleton and Ken Linesman on the Bruins Alumni team! WOW! Game on…..

Happy New Year!



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