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New Shirts and Stickers

Feb 25, 2010

We've been slacking a little bit with a new baby and all, but that’s all about to change. We’ve got two big events coming up, a rail jam and hockey game wih Bruins alumni, and we’ve got some new shirts and a limited batch of fluorescent orange stickers. Shirts now come in unisex black, women’s cut pink, and kids in both pink and black. The new shirts also have a shaka print on the back. We’ll have these at both events for sale, and you’ll be able to buy them through the site in the next week or two.

Ya’ll are the heroes….

Feb 17, 2010

I  was on the road yesterday, spending some time with a good friend of mine, and after many hours in the car our conversation turned to Molly. We were talking about how Molly’s battle with cancer, and her subsequent death, has impacted a community. There is no doubt that Molly’s battle, and our journey through her entire ordeal, has not only brought our little seacoast community closer together but we have bonded with folks from all over the world that have fought similar battles. Some folks have a child that won their fight with cancer. Other families, like ours, were not so lucky. Meighan and I appreciate the good words, the beautiful thoughts, but do not think for a second that it was ever my intention to inspire a community. I can’t take credit for that…

It has been months since I’ve had the courage to read my previous updates on Molly’s Care Page. I am feeling strong these days, brave, so I took the time to read the updates that I posted last year when Molly was first admitted to CHB. Yes, It is obvious that I wear my heart on my sleeve, that’s for sure, and it’s apparent that I write what I feel in my heart but I have to confess that it was never my intention to attempt to inspire a community to rally together through my writing. I cannot take credit for that, I’m afraid. The updates were therapy for me. I could have either expressed my feelings through words or wrapped my hands around a bottle of vodka and disappeared. I could have either worn my heart on my sleeve and shared my grief with the world, or stuck the barrel of a gun in my mouth and pulled the trigger. I chose to write….

If there is one thing that you need to know about Meighan and I, it’s that were your average folks. We are your neighbors. We see ya’ll in church and I throw you a “shaka.” I see you in the water and I throw you a “shaka.” Meg and I are not anything more than a couple of normal people that had to face a nightmare. I absolutely love every single one of you for your wonderful compliments and the strength that you have given us, but the simple truth is that we’re not the heroes. You are the heroes.

Why? You folks are the ones that have rallied behind our family when you could have easily decided to ignore the reality of “life.” Meg and I will be the first people to admit that we used to think that cancer only attacked children and families that we did not know. Our life was perfect – we were untouchable. My eyes have been opened and I now look around and realize that there are millions of families in the world that are dealing with horrific drama in their lives. True, losing a child is a @#$% nightmare and I would never want any parent on this planet to have to endure that hell. But I am here to tell you that if you’re ever faced with what Meg and I have had to deal with then I am here to confess that you will find the strength to survive. Why? Friends. Pals. You are all our heroes. We chose you over the vodka and the bullet because we hoped and prayed that you would pull us through. And you did….

You were there to share our tears. You provided hugs, love, and monetary contributions in a time when it would have been too easy to find an excuse to not to share  our pain. You chose to grieve with Meighan and I as we battled to overcome the loss of losing our little girl. I ain’t a hero. You folks are the heroes. I am just a survivor, and I’m able to wake up and face another day because of you – our friends.

We have a few Molly Fund events happening in March and we have some information to share. We have submitted the paperwork in order to turn the Molly Rowlee Fund into a LLC. That is the first step in obtaining a Tax ID number and that will enable us to deposit all of the “Molly Fund” checks that we have been holding onto for the past several months. As soon as we have the Tax ID number, which will be in a few weeks, we can apply for non-profit status. We have 1 year to get approved and receive our 501-C3 status. Our non-profit status will be retro-active, back to our LLC filing, so major contributors to the Rail Jam and Hockey Game will be able to receive a receipt with our non-profit ID number for their taxes. If you want to contribute and donate to the Molly Rowlee Foundation, please understand that we should have the Tax ID number to you very soon.

With that said, the Molly Rail Jam is coming up soon, March 6th, and the event is going to be HUGE! I can’t divulge too much information, but I will mention that the US Open will be the following week so you can expect to see a lot of celebrity snowboard pros at the Molly event. Huge! People are rallying for this event, it’s beautiful to see, and it’s even more wonderful knowing that so many people are committed to making the Molly Rail Jam a success. These folks could easily ignore the “reality” of life and spend their day doing something else other than supporting another non-profit organization. Thank you for your support, thank you for the love, and thank you all for being heroes.



The Game…..

Feb 01, 2010


Meg and Kieran are home from NC. I can honestly say that the fog is really beginning to clear and the gloom is passing. Kieran is making wonderful progress and it seems as though he’s working through the anger issues that he has regarding Molly’s death. Many thanks to Dr. Pat who has been helping Kieran a great deal. The Rowlee house is happy. Gracias, Danielle.

It has been several weeks since I had a good cry but I feel really good and Meighan feels the same. I had to fly to Denver last week for the SIA trade show, and I saw a lot of old friends who I have not seen nor have I spoken to since Molly passed. I had countless conversations with so many people regarding Molly and I managed to recite her battle without breaking into tears. I am healing, Meg is healing, and Kieran is coming to terms with Molly’s death. Having so many of you folks in our corner has enabled us to work through our grief and become happy. It feels good to “live.” Thank you and bless you all….

As I mentioned in the last update, we have organized a big ol’ hockey game in order to raise money for the Molly Rowlee Fund Inc. The Surfers will take on the Boston Bruins Alumni on March 21st. and please check the events page on Mollyrowlee.com for all of the details. The Surfers have a stacked team, we’re feeling pretty good about our chances, but this event is a fund raiser and we’re busy selling ads for the game program, busy selling tickets to the game, and we’re constantly looking for items to sell at the silent auction. Thank you to everyone who has offered to help. This is going to be an awesome event! By the time the game rolls around, we will have The Molly Rowlee Fund Inc. official non-profit 501c tax ID number and we’ll be happy to provide this info to anyone that has made or will make a donation. Please let me know.

Meg and I recently learned that there is a little boy from Hampton that was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma, and he and his family have returned home after his stay at CHB. These folks are the reason why we are constantly rallying in order to pull events together that will help drive contributions to the Molly Fund. As I sit here in my office, I am surrounded by family photos of Molly – I have her “love notes” and hand drawn artwork pinned to my office walls – and it occurred to me this morning that next week marks the one year date when Molly was diagnosed with cancer. February 14th was when we were admitted to CHB, but Molly was complaining of stomach pains two weeks prior. I glance at our family photos and my heart breaks for this family. I can imagine what this Hampton family is now having to face, Meg and I have lived the nightmare, and I’m relived because I know that we can lend a hand – we can all help make a difference in the lives of these people. Thank God that our family had some helping hands to pull us through and now we’re eager to have an opportunity to return the favor.

In more exciting news, there is going to be a Molly Fund snowboard event at Smugglers Notch during the first weekend in March, and I will make it a point to post the update with all of the specifics regarding this event in the next few days because there are a ton of people that are going to be heading to VT. that weekend in order to help us make this event a huge success. We have rooms blocked for those of you that want to join us for the event as well as a Smugg’s shred, so please stay tuned for more details. Santa brought Kieran a Burton Chopper 90 for Christmas, and we’re stoked to spend some quality time with him on the hill that weekend. I hope ya’ll can join us…

If you have had a chance to glance at the many photos of Molly on her Care Page, then I’m sure that you’ve seen a lot of pictures from the “head shaving” St. Baldrick’s event that was hosted by our friends at The Draft in Concord last March. I am happy to announce that we will be supporting the St. Baldrick’s event again this year, March 13th at the Draft in Concord, and I’m hoping that Andy and Laurie will allow me full access to the mic as I think that I can “convince” some folks to shave their heads in order to raise a few bucks for Childhood Cancer Research. This is going to be a great party, lots of kids running around, and we’ll hopefully have some live music from our friends, “Todo Bien.” These guys are rock stars now, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that a few of them will be able to join us for the “Brave the shave” bash at The Draft. Please save the date and I’ll post more info as we get closer to March.

I have written many times over how Molly’s death has truly taught us all so many valuable lessons. You have no idea how much you love your child until that child is no longer alive. I wish that I could honestly say that I immediately became a better father to both of my kids when Molly was diagnosed with cancer but that was not the case. My priorities have shifted, of course, but I have consciously made a huge effort over the course of the past few months to be a better father to Kieran. I was sitting on the plane last week, heading out to Denver, and I was thinking about how much I missed him while he and Meg were in NC and I was overcome with so much love that I couldn’t stop the tears. Tears of joy. I was so happy, so happy that I have been given an opportunity to be a better father to Kieran and I know in my heart that Molly is helping to “open my eyes.” I can’t explain it, but I know that Molly is guiding me and I hope that I’m making her proud.

While I was walking out of SIA on Friday, I walked by the Burton booth and I saw my friend, EM, standing guard and wearing his MOLLY tee. I had to walk over and give EM a hug. I love you for the support, Emmett, and I can’t thank you enough, brother…

Much love and many hugs……



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