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Rail Jam Recap

Mar 24, 2010

Buck wrote a recap of the event, and you can see all the photos here: http://mollyrowlee.com/events/eventWriteUpDetail.php?recordID=55

If anyone has any other photos, let me know and I'll get them posted.

The house was packed….

Mar 22, 2010



 have had an opportunity to play in some big games during my lifetime. The pressure to perform in big games has caused me to lose sleep, there were times when I was too nervous to eat, but I wasn’t worried the least bit about playing well against the Bruins Alumni last night because I’m not a hockey player. I wasn’t nervous until I stepped out of the locker room and saw 1500 people in the stands and the boys were telling me to lead them onto the ice…

The game against the Bruins Alumni was a fund raising event. Yep, The Surfers were going to play hockey against some of the old dudes that they grew up idolizing but the fact of the matter is that this game provided us with a huge opportunity to raise a lot of money so we could continue to drive more peso’s into the Molly Fund. There are families that need our help, we needed this event to be successful, and a lot of people worked very hard in a very short time to make sure that this game was won before we even had the opportunity to drop the first puck.

If you were actually keeping score, then you probably know that we didn’t actually win the game. The score board had us down by a goal, 12-11, when the final buzzer sounded but that’s not the point. The Surfers won the battle because so many people worked so very hard to make sure that we could have pulled off this event in the first place. With only a few short months to plan this game, it was a miracle that we even managed to step onto the ice in front of 1500 fans and it was appropriate that Dave Cropper scored the first goal for our team.

I was on the bench when Crop scored that goal and the entire arena erupted. When I heard the crowd roar, I stopped being some kook dressed in hockey equipment and I transformed into a hockey player. Yes, easier said than done but I felt like a gladiator. The vibe on the bench radiated that same feeling because at the end of the first 25 minutes, the game was legitimately tied.

As we skated off of the ice at the end of the first “half,” I was wearing a Bruins “sweater.” Kenny Linesman and I switched teams – seemed fair to me because by this time I was feeling like a hockey player instead of some floundering fool – but I have to confess that it was pretty rad to be sitting next to Brad Park, Jeff Lazaro, and Bob Sweeney on the Bruins bench. I pulled a few shifts with the B’s, skated off the ice at the end of the “half,” and I was bummed that the Bruins trainer came chasing after me in order to get their “sweater” back because I was thinking that I was going to be taking that jersey home with me. Guess not….

We, The Surfers, scored some insane goals and the Bruins Alumni proved to us all why they’re ex-NHL stars. The Bruins were on another level, they’re clearly from a different planet, and I didn’t have to grow up playing the game of hockey to appreciate the fact that these guys are still magical even with knee replacements and no teeth.

Bruce Shoebottom is flat out scary with no teeth. Skating beside Bruce was awesome because he’s 6′13, leaves his teeth in the locker room, and his hands are the size of a VW Bug. That dude has hands four times the size of mine, and we compared hand size during the after party at Margaritas in Exeter. At the end of the night, Bruce swallowed me in a massive bear hug and he vowed to always make himself available for any future “Molly games.” That seemed to be the overall consensus from all of the Bruin players. They were very complimentary about everything related to the entire night. They were stoked with the crowd, stoked that they had beer in their locker room, and these guys were sincere about making themselves available for future games and our Molly Fund cause. A couple of the Bruin players told me their own stories about their family members who were stricken with cancer and how thankful they were that they were able to participate in our event. I had a sense that they truly wanted to help, they were eager to rally for a good cause, and with 1500 people in the stands last night I skated off of the ice and into the locker room feeling like I was part of something that was too big for me to completely comprehend.

The Surfers vs. The Bruin Alumni event was….perfect. Three months of trying to organize the chaos and it all seemed to work out perfectly at the last minute. Many thanks to Kenny Linesman, Bruins legend, who really made this event a reality – especially when he called Terry O’Reilly from the locker room, before the start of the game, to inform Terry that the game was not next weekend. It is lucky that Terry lives in Salisbury. Killer sandbar in front of his house! I love you, Kenny, and you’re awesome! Thank you. We can’t thank The Rinks of Exeter enough for all that they have done to accommodate us with the game. Thank you, Karen! Many thanks to Peter Tufts for taking good care of us and also for not whistling us for penalties during the game. Huge props to Aaron Buell and the crew at Margaritas for hooking up the after party, and please thank the Red Hook guys for the kegs! I owe you, Aaron, thank you. I can’t ever thank Sara MacCorkle enough for her impeccable organizational skills and Sara was truly the one that managed the chaos better than all of us combined. We have to thank all of the volunteers that “wo-manned” the tables
and sold tickets, sold all of the “Molly” product, silent auction items, raffle tickets, worked the bake sale, and pretty much made sure that business was taken care of while we played the game. Remember, this was a FUNd raiser! I am afraid to mention any specific names because I’m fearful that I might fail to thank everyone, but you must know that it took the effort of a ton of people for this game to happen and Meg and I are so appreciative for the help. Thank you to Brock Dunn for coaching us and I hope that all of you had a chance to check out Brock’s pink suit. Brock, I don’t know what to say other than “thank you.” Many thanks to Jimmy Dunn for running the mic and providing us with some “free” entertainment. If those of us on the bench could actually hear what Jimmy was saying, we wouldn’t have been able to play because all of us would have been doubled over in laughter. Thanks to Trevor and Jared, in goal, because those two saw a “few” shots. In all sincerity, thank you all. Bless you all! We did some good. We raised a lot of money and Molly’s legacy is a beautiful thing.

Molly. Molly didn’t enter my mind until we all stood on the ice for a moment of silence before the start of the game. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little emotional because it was difficult not to get consumed by this incredible sense of “STOKE” if you were in the crowd yesterday. The atmosphere and the vibe was simply incredible. I could see it in the stands, I could see it in my teammates eyes, and I absorbed every last detail because I was hoping that Molly was there with us and that she could feel all of the tremendous energy that was buzzing through the Exeter arena. I stood beside my teammates, my surfer brethren, and I thought of Molly. Many of us had our stick blades taped pink, Molly’s favorite color, and we all had Molly stickers plastered on our helmets. A few of the boys had Molly logos penned on their cheeks. Dave Cropper made sure that we were all sporting tie dye Molly “sweaters.” Awesome! In retrospect, the game wasn’t about Molly but it had everything to do with how Molly’s battle has impacted all of us. The big picture is too big for me to truly comprehend but it’s powerful nonetheless. I don’t know if we will “win” the war with cancer but I do know one thing. We won a little battle yesterday in Exeter. We won.

Shoebottom hugs and Lazaro high fives!


Boston Bruins Alumni vs. The Surfers!!

Mar 19, 2010


ame time! This Sunday, March 21st, at 4pm we’re going to play a bunch of NHL legends at The Rinks in Exeter. WE HAVE PLENTY OF TICKETS, so the rumor that the game is completely sold out is not true. There will be plenty of tickets available, so if you have not bought a ticket to the game then you can certainly show up on Sunday as we’ll be selling them at the door.

This game is going to be insane – so much fun – and we have a lot of things happening on Sunday. Of course, there will be 50/50 raffles and a bake sale. We have a lot of wonderful, very cool, items to raffle off and we also have some unbelievable items for the silent auction. Scotty Lago’s snowboard from the X Games, autographed UNH and Bruin jerseys, autographed sticks, and Bauer has given us some CRAZY items for the auction! We will have a TON of other merchandise for the silent auction and it’s really exciting! So many people have come together in order to make this event happen and I’m here to tell you that this hockey game is not an event that you will want to miss….trust me. The game starts at 4pm but we’ll be at The Rinks by 2:00 if you want to put in your early bid for Scotty Lago’s board….

The Bruins just handed us their roster for the game on Sunday……Game on.

2009-2010 SEASON

#35 - Goal - Cleon Daskalakis - 3 years with Boston Bruins
#1 - Forward - Reggie Lemelin - 15 years in the NHL; 6 years with Boston Bruins
#11 - Forward - Bobby Miller - Univ. of NH – 4 years with Boston, 1976 Olympics
#13 - Forward - Ken Linseman - NHL 13 seasons; 5 ½ seasons with Boston
#17 - Forward - Tom Songin - Boston College; 3 years with Boston Bruins
#20 - Forward - Bob Sweeney - 10 years in NHL; 6 with Boston Bruins
#22 - Defense - Brad Park - 17 years in NHL; NY Rangers, Boston, Detroit – Hockey Hall of Fame
#24 - Defense - Terry O’Reilly - 14 years with Boston Bruins
#25 - Defense - Gary Doak - 16 years NHL; Detroit, NY Rangers, Vancouver – 11 with Boston
#25 - Forward - Andy Brickley - 14 years professional hockey; 10 years with Boston Bruins
#32 - Forward - Bruce Crowder - 4 years in NHL; 3 with Boston Bruins
#40 - Defense - Bruce Shoebottom - 4 NHL seasons with Boston Bruins
# - Forward - Jeff Lazaro - 3 years in NHL; 2 with Boston Bruins
Coach of Alumni - Dick Lamby

This event couldn’t have been pulled off without the help of Sara McCorkle and her remarkable organizational skills. Thank you, Sara, you are beyond awesome! Big thanks to Dave Cropper who came through with the jerseys, ran point on The Surfers team, kept us organized, and he helped us pull our Surfers team together. Thanks to all of the players on The Surfers for selling tickets, selling pages of ads, as well as coming through with so many unreal products for the silent auction. In truth, Meighan and I had very little do do with this event and the list of folks that we need to thank is easily a mile long. You wouldn’t believe the effort that so many people put forth in order for this game to run smoothly, and thank you to all of you folks that have volunteered their time to help us on Sunday. It looks like that we will raise close to $20,000 on Sunday – hopefully more – and that’s a blessing because there are families that need our help. Molly would want us to help. We are doing some good….

See ya’ll on Sunday.


St. Baldrick’s event tomorrow!!!

Mar 12, 2010


I am getting mentally prepared to BRAVE THE SHAVE tomorrow afternoon at The Draft in Concord, NH where we’ll going to support the St. Baldrick’s event again this year and the event runs tomorrow from 1:00-5:00 pm. Many thanks to Andy and Lori Sanborn for hosting this event and we’re super stoked to raise a ton of money for Childhood Cancer Research.

Last year we rolled to Concord with an army of our friends and family in order to support the St. Baldrick’s event. Molly attended the fund raiser with us, she was sporting her beautiful “Hannah Montana” wig, and it was an amazing experience having the opportunity to take part in an event that benefited an organization that directly impacted our family. This fall the people at St. Baldrick’s gave me a call, they wanted to keep tabs on Molly’s progress, and when I told them that Molly had lost her battle with cancer I could sense their sadness. Molly’s story was told in the latest issue of the St. Baldrick’s publication, which we received last month, and I will make it point to bring this magazine with me tomorrow for those of you that want to learn about all of the great things that St. Baldrick’s is doing in order help fund Childhood Cancer Research.

If you have some time on your hands tomorrow, please join us at The Draft for the event. I am going to throw down some money and BRAVE THE SHAVE, but don’t think for a moment that you will have to do the same. We would love to have all of you join us because it’s a great time – lots of kids running around, awesome music – and we’re there in order to raise some money for a great organization. Hope see to see ya’ll!

Throwin’ shakas!


Hugs and High Fives!

Mar 08, 2010



At the end of the day on Saturday, when the Molly Rail Jam was a wrap, I stood in front of the crowd of folks that were gathered around the tents and for a brief second I was at a loss for words. That rarely happens to me….

I was standing in front of 100 kids, their parents, as well as the many, many friends and family that made their way to Smugg’s on Saturday in order to support the Molly Rail Jam. I scanned the crowd of people and I couldn’t help but feel so humbled and so blessed that so many folks took time out of their weekend in order to come together for the sake of raising a few bucks and helping other families in need. It was beautiful.

I asked Kieran what he thought of this weekend, and Kieran immediately responded that he loved riding the chairlift with Mr. Emmett. One of the highlights of the weekend for me was watching Emmett Manning take Kieran on the chair and teaching him how to ride “correctly.” But I have to be honest and mention that the highlight, for me, was the entire day and the day seemed to speed past me while I was trying to savor each moment.

Chuck White and I spoke this afternoon and we agreed that the full story of the event, with all of the details, needs its own page on the website because there is so much to tell….so many people to thank for making the day a huge success….but I wanted to let you all know that the Second Annual Molly Rail Jam was insane. With temps in the 40’s, and not a cloud in the sky, the day was about as magical as you can imagine and Meg and I played a very small part in the event. When Molly was first diagnosed with cancer, Meighan and I knew that the strength of our wonderful community here in Hampton would help us survive the battle. After seeing the effort that so many folks poured into making the Molly Jam so incredible, it’s obvious that the big picture is so much greater than what Meighan and I could have ever hoped in continuing with Molly’s legacy. The power of a community is very real, and we experienced it firsthand this weekend while we were in VT.

Stay tuned for the full scoop…there is much to say.

Hugs and High fives!


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