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Run, baby, run!

Apr 07, 2010


“Mourning is the constant reawakening that things are now different.” Stephanie Ericsson

I have spent the last few nights sleeping in Molly’s bed. Even though her bedding has been washed many times over, I can still smell her scent when I crawl into her bed. I have needed to feel a connection to her this week. I don’t know why, I can’t explain it, and it doesn’t make sense to try and do so…..

The grieving becomes less intense over time, it seems, but there are days and nights when I miss Molly so terribly that the only thing that I can do to comfort myself is to walk into Molly’s room – close my eyes – and take a big whiff. My connection to Molly….

Alexis Levitsky is running the Paris Marathon in honor of Molly, and last year Alexis raised $3,000 for Childhood Cancer research when she ran the NYC Marathon. Our friend, Jen Birch, ran a Marathon last week out West and she also ran in honor of Molly. You can click on Alexis’ page on the Molly Website and learn more about Alexis’ fund raising efforts. For the Paris Marathon, Alexis has to raise $6,000 and she’s raised about half of the money. If you can see it in your heart to help Alexis’ cause and donate a few bucks it would be a tremendous help. I know that we also have another friend, Maggie, who is running the Boston Marathon in honor of Molly, so please keep these women in your thoughts and send them some powerful vibes and help them finish strong.

Thank God that the sun has been shining and NH is truly the most wonderful place in the world when…..it’s warm and sunny. Spring is in the air, water temperatures are climbing, and this time last year our family was hopeful that Molly was going to regain her health. Maybe that’s why it’s been a difficult few days for me. Last spring Molly was running around, learning how to ride her bike, and we were all filled with happiness and hope. Life is precious. Seize the day….

With love,


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