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Jun 05, 2010

Krista promised me that she would take care of Molly in Heaven.

Krista passed away last week. She had been battling cancer for the past few years and she and I were friends. We worked together at Burton, she and I were tight, and Krista was just an incredible athlete. She was an insane shredder, skated tranny like a warrior, and she could knock out the Fran WOD in less than 10 minutes. Krista was a bad ****.

Krista was terminal when Molly passed away, and she sent me a little note just to let me know that she was making peace with the fact that her time was coming to an end and Krista promised me that she would take care of Molly in Heaven. I distinctly remember the day when Krista sent me that email because I cried for 20 minutes afterwards. Krista teaching Molly how to skate mini ramps in Heaven. How wonderful.

They were with me for a brief moment and then they were gone. I felt the tingles throughout my body. Images of Molly and Krista shot through my mind. Molly was sitting next to me. Krista was in the back seat and then they were gone. I wiped the tears from my eyes and continued to drive up north to Sawyers.

Take care of my baby…


I miss Molly so much. A year has almost passed yet the wound is still so very fresh.

11 months on Saturday.

11 months?

Kieran turns five on the 8th and we’re going to celebrate his birthday in grand fashion on the 12th. 11 months? We’ll be focused on Kieran. Kieran misses Molly too. He talks about her everyday….

Smith grinds, Krista. Smith grinds…


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