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Surf Celebration!!!!

Jul 26, 2010


y buddy, Mike Ricker, gave me a Stetson cowboy hat in November. You may remember that I mentioned that eight months ago, but I felt like it needed to revisit the “hat” because I wear it whenever I write about Molly. I am wearing it now. Bull rider’s crease, seagull feather stuck in the band, and wearing the hat has proven to provide me with….a certain amount of strength when I put pen to paper. Call it my “thinking cap” for lack of a better word.

I will have the Stetson with me for “The Molly – Surf Celebration” that we’re going to be throwing down at The Wall on August 22nd. 8/22/10 – this is Molly’s birthday. She would have turned 7, so instead of a birthday bash we’re going to have a Surf Celebration and the WORLD IS INVITED.

We need the Stetson, trust me, because the Surf Celebration involves a surf contest that’s unlike any surf contest that you’ve ever encountered. $30 is the entry fee. This is a FUN-raiser! If you’re 13 years old or older then you don’t need to bring your board because we’ll have boards provided for you. Groms 12 and under can ride their own boards, but the guys and gals who are older than 12 have to pick a piece of paper out of my Stetson that will list the exact board that they will have to ride during their heat. If you don’t like your pick, no problem, but just make sure you have $20 in your pocket because you will have the choice to upgrade your board based on the boards we have in the alternative board quiver. “The Molly” surf contest will be set-up at 18th St. at The Wall and we will begin sign-ups at 7:00am on 8/22/10. We are not going to be conducting pre-registration online, so please swing over to 18th St. at 7:00 am and sign up the day of the contest in order to secure your slot in The Molly. Bring some moola. You don’t want to be stuck riding an 8 ft. BZ softie during your heat. Trust me…..

We have to have a party on Molly’s birthday, and the only place at the beach to throw a bash is at Bicentennial Park. The park is located at the north end of The Wall, by the bathhouse – directly across the street from Cinnamon Rainbows – and the party kicks off at 9:00am. Believe me when I say that you won’t be able to miss the action because we’ll have a ton of Oakley tents set up in the park as a reference. We will have live music, food; plenty of activities for the kids throughout the day so please save the date and join us on the beach. Of course, we’ll have a ton of “Molly” gear for sale, as this is FUN-raiser, and we have a lot of new gear to peddle so please bring your ….moola!

I will post more specific info on www.mollyrowlee.com as we get closer to the event date, and all local surf shops will have posters and information on hand if you have any questions. If you would like to volunteer for this event, and we certainly need a ton of volunteers, then please email Meighan at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and Meg will get you dialed in for sure.

Ralph Fatello kicked off his 365 day run this morning and we all stormed 10 St. in order to show our support. Thanks to Sashi for shaping Ralph the magic 5 Star custom longboard that Ralph will ride every day for the next 12 months. We had an amazing crowd on hand and it was a gorgeous morning. Ralph will be raising money for The Molly Fund by surfing every single day for the next year. Surfing 365 days strait in New Hampshire is super @#$% human! Ralph, you’re a beautiful human being, sir! Please go to www.catchawavefor molly.com for all of the details and you can link back to the Molly site if you would like to donate to Ralph’s quest in honor of a loved one.

Thank you all for the continued support. It is truly amazing what we’re able to help a handful of other families that are in the same tough spot that Meg and I were facing only a short time ago. All of you, all of you rallied together in order to pull Meighan and I through those horrible times and, in turn, we’re able to return the favor. Aloha. We are sharing “aloha”……Thank you for the help.

I hope to see ya’ll on the beach on August 22nd. Come surf with us, come celebrate with us, and please come and help us help others. Swing by 18th St. and give me a hug and a high five. I’ll be the guy wearing the cowboy hat….and I’ll be the one taking your twenty bucks. Nobody wants to ride the 8 ft. BZ. Trust me…..I know.



Catch A Wave - Day 1

Jul 26, 2010

Ralph Fatello kicked off his Catch A Wave for Molly today, where he will be surfing every day for a year to support the Molly Fund. You can get all the info and donate at www.catchawaveformolly.com. He’s got a blog where you can see his updates about this year-long event. Brian Nevinstook the shots below.

Get Your New Molly Shirts

Jul 16, 2010


We've got some new shirts we're selling for an upcoming event in NC, click here to be the first to buy one.

They come in 2 colors for men(unisex) and two for women, all sizes.

Catch a wave for Molly!

Jul 16, 2010

Catch a wave for Molly.

On July 26th, Ralph Fatello is going to begin his quest to catch a wave every single day for the next 365 days in order to raise money for the Molly Fund. Many of us are going to join Ralph at 9am at The Wall next Monday in order to support Ralph, so please join us if your schedule allows.

The story broke this morning in the Hampton Union, and please click here if you would like to read the entire story.

Many thanks to all of you that swung by the beach on Monday in order to help Meg, Kieran, and I celebrate Molly. Ralph Fatello said it best, that Monday marked the "last of the firsts" and that is certainly true. The most difficult time is behind us. Molly would want us to be happy, all of us, and Meighan and I could sense that because we were both feeling good throughout the day on Monday. To have 100 of our close pals and family on the beach with us on Monday night was simply amazing. The kids took it upon themselves to decorate the beach with "Molly" hearts and shakas - constructed with beach stones and flowers. It was beautiful and it was the perfect way to celebrate Molly. Thank you to all that helped make that night so very special.Hugs,Buck

One Year

Jul 13, 2010

Some amazing photos from Brian Nevins, at the Wall celebrating the one year milestone of losing Molly.

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