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Catch A Wave For Molly - day 100

Oct 29, 2010

It is amazing that Ralph Fatello is getting close to the 100 day mark in his quest to surf 365 days in honor of Molly as well as Ralph’s friends and loved ones that have passed due to cancer. I have been following Ralph’s daily blog “CATCH A WAVE FOR MOLLY” and I have to admit that I’m in awe of his commitment in order to raise money for the Molly Fund.Please check the link - http://www.ralphspic.com/Molly%20Home.html – if you would like to follow along with Ralph and his daily blog because it’s great reading. I love Ralph’s insight, his funny remarks, and the spirituality that seeps into his daily writings. Thank you, Ralph, and thank you to all of you that are lending support to Ralph by contributing to the Molly Fund.

Tuesday November 2nd marks day 100 and I’m planning on joining Ralph for his daily “Molly” surf session that day, and I want to encourage everyone to join us if your schedule permits and I’ll be sure to post the time/locale as we head into next week. Our goal was to raise $50,000 with the Molly Match event, which happened down in NC a few weeks ago, and I’m happy to report that the final checks arrived this week and we were able to reach our goal! Amazing! We knew that we had $42,000 in the bag but JD Brewer just mailed the remaining money to us last week and we blew the doors off of that 50K goal. Thank you.

Our goal is to be able to hand Dana Farber (Jimmy Fund Clinic) $100,000 in order to establish the Molly Fund within the Jimmy Fund infrastructure and that’s certainly a reality at this point. Families coming together in order to help other families: It’s a beautiful thing…..

On a side note, we have secured the date and the location of the Second Annual “BOSTON BRUINS ALUMNI vs. THE SURFERS” hockey game which will benefit the Molly Fund, so please save the date Sunday March 13th and we’ll be playing at the WHITTEMORE CENTER at UNH!!!! I will post more info as we begin to plan for this event but we hope to pack the Whitt Center so please mark your calendar because this event is going to be INSANE!!!

Big hugs and high fives to Ralph! There are many days and many very cold days ahead for him as he’ll soon have to climb into the 6mm wetsuit and do battle with 30 degree water temps and negative air temperatures. Brrrrrr………I love you, Ralph. You’re amazing. With love, Buck

Thank God for friends…..

Oct 20, 2010

Thank God for friends. I have sung those words countless times over the course of the past eighteen months but it is so true. It was our friends and family that blanked us with love and support when Molly was diagnosed with cancer, when we were grieving over the death of our little girl, and these folks provided us with an amazing amount of strength during a time when Meighan and I could barely manage to open our eyes and face another day. Thank God for friends.It is our friends that continued to provide us with the strength to march forward with the Molly Fund after Molly had passed.

After spending the weekend in Fayetteville, NC for The Molly Match, and being surrounded by an incredible amount of friends, I have to tell you all that the momentum behind The Molly Fund is growing at a pace that is just astonishing. We were able to raise over $42,000 during The Molly Match!!! WOW!!! My head is still spinning and I’m still in awe of the sheer number of our friends that traveled from all across the country in order to participate in The Molly Match. Many of these friends I have not seen in 20 years, but a handful of them jumped on flights from WA and CA so they could spend the weekend alongside other friends to not only honor the life of a little girl that many of them had never met but to also lend a hand and help keep Molly’s legacy, The Molly Fund, alive. There is strength in numbers, that is a fact, and Meg and I are constantly reminded that we’re certainly blessed with an amazing group of friends and this weekend in NC was no exception.The photos of the event can be viewed by clicking here. The photos paint the perfect picture of the weekend. It was a weekend filled with constant smiles, countless laughter, and a sea of pink soccer jerseys. The Molly Match itself was a huge success because of the fact that nobody was injured in the game, keep in mind that most of us are 40+ years old and we were playing competitively, and the game resulted in a tie (3-3) so "BRAGGING RIGHTS" will still be on the line when we all march onto the pitch again next year.

I can’t begin to describe how “rad” it is to spend some time catching up with old friends, and many of their parents, that I haven’t seen in a long, long time. I still keep in touch with a lot of my high school soccer buddies, but there were guys that I played with and against that I haven’t seen since 1985. What is spiritual and absolutely magical about this past weekend is that many of those folks took an entire weekend, traveled from far and wide, in order to support the work we’re doing with the Molly Fund. Families helping other families. Simply beautiful….Thank God for our friends that donated their time and ran point to ensure that the weekend was a success. I could never in a million years be able to express how thankful I am to John Michael Loke for pulling this event together in grand fashion. My beautiful sister, Betsy, and her charming husband, JD were absolutely invaluable as well as Magi and John Wilson. Thank you all. Thanks to Mike and Joanne Graffinger for their remarkable generosity, and thanks to CJ and the folks at Terry Sanford HS that provided us with some good ol’ southern hospitality. For everyone that was involved in the Molly Match, you folks that volunteered your time, I wish that I had the time on Saturday night to thank each one of you personally. If I failed to say it before, please know that I am thankful and feel very fortunate to have you all as friends. Thanks to all of my pals that put their life on hold for a weekend and traveled back “home” to Fayetteville in order to play in the game. I love you guys. Truly, thank you….The players rallied and raised over $31,000! They hammered their friends to donate and help sponsor them, and the majority of money raised was through player sponsorships so a sincere "thank you" to all of you that supported The Molly Match with your monetary contributions. Jeff Meyer raised the most money out of all of the players involved, and Jeff offered up a challenge to all of us the week before the event. Jeff kicked in an additional $100 for each player that raised over $1000. Thank you for the inspiration, Jeff. I love you, brother. Of course, we’re already getting excited and many people have immediately begun planning for next year’s Molly Match event. If next year is anything like last weekend, then it’s not going to be an event that you’ll want to miss. Spiritual, magical, amazing….and thank God for friends. We couldn’t have pulled it off without ya’ll.With love,Buck

Almost game time…..

Oct 12, 2010

Howdy all, I just wanted to send word and let everyone know that we're flying down to NC this weekend for the big ol' Molly Fund "MOLLY MATCH" event. All of the information is provided and you can click on the Molly Match event flier (look right) to view the details.A lot of guys that I used to play with and against are all rallying to NC for the big match in order to support The Molly Fund. I am constantly in awe of all of the love and support that we're receiving and we're truly able to do some amazing things with the money generated from the Molly events. We are able to help many families that are in need and it's a blessing to be able to lend a hand.

We are currently working with Dana Farber (Jimmy Fund), Family Resource Center, and they're able to directly distribute money to families that have children battling cancer.I am fortunate to have a few ties to US Soccer as well as the MLS, and a handful of my pals stepped up and donated many wonderful items that we're going to use for the raffles and silent auction at the game. We have autographed jerseys and balls from the 2010 World Cup Team. If you're a goalkeeper, then you'll be super stoked to see that we have Kasey Keller's US jersey autographed by the US Team. We also have US Soccer Team warm-ups, training tops, and a polo shirt thrown into the mix. I want to thank Tony Lepore for making this possible. I love you, brother. For you MLS fans, we have many autographed jersey's that were donated. John Hackworth sent an autographed Philadelphia Union jersey. Thank you, Hack! We also have some Columbus Crew product as well and thanks to Erik Keating for hookin' it up! Many more MLS kits are due to be shipped directly to NC for the event and the good folks at Eurosport, Nike, and Buckman's Ski and Sport have contributed some awesome donations as well. Big props and many thanks to Chuck White for all of his constant help and also to John Adams for printing the event flier. I can't begin to express how grateful we are for all of the continued support. The Molly Fund is doing a lot of good.

Anson Dorrance was one of my ODP coaches when I was a kid, and 25 years ago Anson told our team something that I still adhere to till this day - "It's easier to remain fit than it is to get fit." Being "soccer fit" is another thing entirely but I've pulled out my old training journals, and I made it a point to focus on some soccer specific workouts just to make certain that I don't blow a hamstring while running around during the Molly Match. Yeah, I forgot how much fun it is to sprint...and sprint...and sprint. I may not be able to walk come game time but we have risen close to $20,000 with the Molly Match event so far, and so many of the boys have worked hard to collect some incredible donations. I need some help. If you could see it in your hearts to kick a few bucks my way, by clicking here then we'll be a little bit closer to that 50K goal. Thank you all for the love and support! Saturday is going to be amazing. Please pop by Terry Sanford HS on Saturday, if you're close to Fayetteville, and we look forward to seeing everyone this weekend in NC. Mahalo! Buck

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