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Molly Fund fundraiser at Flatbread

Dec 28, 2010

If you’ve been following Ralph Fatello’s “Catch a Wave for Molly” and his quest to surf every single day for a full year in order to raise money for The Molly Fund, and you surf and live in Hampton, then you can respect the fact that Ralph HAD TO SURF YESTERDAY. The wind was gusting over 70 mph out of the NE, waves were double overhead, and with the wind chill the temperatures were forecasted to be -14 degrees. I went and checked the surf in the morning, hoping to find a little nook or cranny that was protected from the wind, but all I found was GNAR conditions. I love to surf as much as any surf stoked grommie, but I wasn’t about to paddle out yesterday. Ralph paddled out and caught his wave for Molly yesterday. Today is going to be a challenge as well because the surf has dropped considerably in size and it is freeeeeeeeeeeezing cold and super windy outside this morning. Much love, Ralph, and much respect. You can follow Ralph’s daily adventure by clicking here.

There are a ton of folks that are joining us at The Flatbread Company in Amesbury, MA tonight because Flatbread is donating $3.50 for every large pizza and $1.75 for every small and this includes both eat-in and takeout. Many thanks to Sarah Lord for organizing the fundraiser and we’re appreciative to Jay and Johnny for the continued support of The Molly Fund. Meg and I hope to see ya’ll in Amesbury tonight for some good food, some good company, and rallying together for a good cause.High five! Buck

Flatbread Fundraiser

Dec 25, 2010

Flatbread :: Molly Rowlee Fund Fundraiser

Molly Speaks To Me…..

Dec 23, 2010

Molly speaks to me. She tells me that she loves me, and that she misses me. Molly also tells me that she wants me to bring her a present. A few years ago I saved one of Molly’s voice mails that she left me on my cell phone and for some reason I never deleted it. I listen to Molly’s voice daily, and there are days that I listen to her message more than once. Sometimes I hand the cell to Kieran and he listens to Molly’s message – his eyes grow wide – and then he smiles at me. Molly’s voice is a gift from God because it’s amazing that I have the ability to hear her speak to me every single day. She tells me that she loves me….that she misses me. There cannot be a greater gift for a father to receive than to hear his baby girl tell him that she loves him – and that she misses him.I love you too, Molly, and I miss you. Merry Christmas, baby.

Meg and I were determined to have a wonderful Christmas this year - and so far so good. Last year was pretty rough but we’ve made some tremendous strides, since last year, and we’ve all healed a great deal. I have to be honest in mentioning that it wasn’t an intention of mine to update Molly’s site tonight but I was inspired. I spent the day at Loon Mtn., snowboarding with some of my pals, and my only goal tonight was to wrap presents and go to bed early. But after Kieran and Meg went to bed, I took a seat on the couch – in front of the fire – and I happened to glance at the four stockings that all are “hung from the chimney with care”….and my eyes focused on Molly’s stocking. I had a good cry and then I got up from the couch and I reached for my cell phone….and Molly spoke to me.

This is going to be a wonderful Christmas and Meighan and I hope that you all have an awesome Holiday. We are fortunate that we’re going to be surrounded by a ton of friends and family over the next week and we’re looking forward to a “festive” Holiday. I am not one to preach – because I’m the last one that needs to offer advice – but I do want to pass along a little insight. Love and cherish every single day that you’re able to spend with your children – with your family – with your friends. Love them. Wrap them in your arms and embrace them – smother them with kisses – as that will be God’s Christmas gift to you….Bless you all and mahalo. Merry Christmas. With love, Buck & Meg

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