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The Molly Story…..

Jan 23, 2011

I just got home from Hawaii a few hours ago. If you’ve been tuned into the swell, been keeping your eyes on the “Eddie,” then you know that HI has been getting a ton of swell. I made it home in one piece but I was humbled, inspired, and I took a few solid beatings. Stereotypical “haole” experience.

While I was preparing for the long trip to HI, I finally decided that the gnarly flight was THE perfect time for me to read “THE SHACK.” Those of you that are familiar with the book can probably understand why I may have been hesitant to read it until last week. I didn’t have the strength to read this book last year or last month but I finally read it on my way to HI. I cried for six hours. The book was a tremendous help to me, packed with power and provided me with an incredible amount of healing, and I arrived in HI with a great deal of weight lifted from my shoulders. This was awesome because I needed every ounce of my shoulder strength to sprint paddle and dodge clean-up sets and battle all of the heavy currents that were driving me into the exposed lava rocks. Yeah, Hawaii is paradise.

But I arrived in HI with Molly on my mind. Molly was in my thoughts and it was strange because a lot of people that I spent the week with had not been in the Molly “loop” but many of them have heard the story and they pulled me aside and wanted to know the details of her death as well as the Molly Fund…they wanted to know the “Molly Story.”

When I arrived home tonight I was scanning my emails and I came upon a message that included the below link. Please take a few minutes and watch this video clip of Ralph Fatello’s quest to “Catch a Wave for Molly” because Joe Carter and Ralph have done an amazing job telling the Molly Story. http://www.getinthevan.com/vanrides2.htmlAloha and mahalo. With love, Buck

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