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Celebrate Molly!

Mar 20, 2011


Cleon Daskalakis, Boston Bruins Alumni goalie, is probably losing sleep over the fact that I scored a goal against him last Sunday during the mighty battle between The Surfers vs. The Boston Bruins Alumni at the Whittemore Center at UNH. I won’t bore you with the details of my goal, so if you’re interested in the specifics then you’re going to have to speak to someone who was at the game and witnessed my heroics in order to get the full scoop, but I will say that there were some shenanigan’s involved….

I love hockey and I absolutely love that the Boston Bruins Alumni brought their “A” squad to UNH because it was obvious to the 1500+ fans that attended the game why those Bruin dudes played in the NHL. Bruins legends, Rick “Nifty” Middleton and Kenny Linseman, are friends of mine and they both live in Hampton. It was Kenny who originally suggested that we use the hockey game as a fundraiser and the event has turned into a grand affair. The final tally of the money that we were able to raise during this year’s game is still not finalized, because money is still coming in, but the estimate is that we’ll have risen over $20,000 with the hockey game event. Yeah, pretty awesome.It is also pretty awesome that we’re blessed to have a community that stands beside us and helps us facilitate not only the hockey game but all of the “Molly” events that we organize throughout the year. Meg and I can’t possibly run the Molly Fund by ourselves, it takes an army, and there is a tremendous amount of work and a certain element of stress involved in order to make each event successful.

This year’s hockey game was a huge success and it had everything to do with the fact that a great number of people worked together to ensure that we sold enough ads in the game program to cover our overhead and be profitable. We all beat the bushes and sold as many tickets to the game as we possibly could sell. We had a posse of our close friends, volunteering their time to work at the game, that sold tickets….peddled “Molly” swag….hammered folks to buy 50/50 raffle tickets and if you attended the game then you can easily understand what I’m referring to because it takes a battalion to pull off a Molly event. Thank you.


Thanks to my teammates. The Surfers can play hockey. We have guys that grew up playing the game, we’re athletes, most of us are fit, and some of my teammates played college hockey and a few played at the next level. The Surfers had to make a serious commitment in order to participate in this year’s game. We all had to sell ads in the game program as well as a lot of tickets to the game, and we also had to make time for practice because WE HAD TO PRACTICE in order to prepare ourselves to face off against Bob Sweeny, Jeff Lazaro (who has to be the fastest 40 yr old guy in the world!), and Ken Hodge. We assembled a Surfers team that could easily dominate in any men’s hockey league on the planet and we still got smoked by a bunch of old NHL farts. Rick Middleton and Kenny Linseman are OLD…and these guys still made us look silly.

Brad Park! Mr. Park is 250 years old, a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, and he can still skate circles around even the youngest member on our team (which happens to be a 17 year old stud). Thank you to my fellow Surfers as well as to the Bruins Alumni for not only supporting our event but also for being genuinely concerned that the Molly Fund is successful. Thank you, boys!There was a conflict with the schedule this year and we couldn’t play at The Rinks in Exeter, so the fine folks at UNH rolled out the red carpet for us and provided us with incredible hospitality at the Whittemore Center. I can’t speak for my fellow teammates but I felt like a kid again by having an opportunity to skate on the UNH ice. Thanks to Griff and Carrie for all of their wonderful help, and please root for our Wildcats next Saturday as the UNH boys play Miami (OH) in the first round of the NCAA Tourney at the Verizon Center in Manchester, NH. I am fearful that I could possibly miss mentioning anyone that volunteered their time to help us at the game, so please accept our gratitude for continuing to help us with all of the Molly events.


Thanks to everyone that attended the game, it was an awesome crowd, and thank you to all of the businesses that bought ads in the game program because we couldn’t have run a successful event without your contributions. Many thanks to Sara McCorkle for the PR help as well as Karen “Hurricane” Hager for making sure that we’re constantly focused on dotting our “i’s” and crossing our “t’s.” We love you, Karen, and you’re amazing. Thank you.My wife is a goddess and Meg ran point in organizing this year’s game and she was incredible. We dumped a lot of work on her plate and, at the end of the day, Meg shined. Meg sold a ton of ads, made sure that all of the ads were in place, and collected all of the money. This year’s game became Meg’s full time job and I couldn’t be more proud of the fact that she hustled under pressure and made the entire event come together perfectly. I love you, baby. Thank you for dealing with the chaos!

After the game, we all headed to Margarita’s in Dover for the after party. Thanks to my pal, Aaron Buell, for hooking up the Margarita’s bash and we had a good time hanging out with our friends, as well as the Bruins, and I was still amping even after I had settled down and was lounging on the sofa at home. Meg came into the living room and told me that the best part of the day was watching me, surrounded by a group of kids, signing autographs for all of the groms after the game. I had to laugh because it didn’t have anything to do with the goal that I scored but it absolutely had everything to do with my 10 minute celebration after my goal that those kids remembered!! Remember to celebrate. Celebrate Molly!!! Thank you and bless you all! Buck


Mar 07, 2011

I apologize for the posting the incorrect day when I updated the site last night, but the Boston Bruins Alumni vs The Surfers is SUNDAY 3/13 1pm at The Whittemore Center at UNH. Please click the event flier, on the right, for all of the CORRECT info. Hope to see ya'll on SUNDAY!!!



Mar 06, 2011


Community is a powerful word. Over the past few years, our community here in Hampton, NH has been defined by love and support. It has been over two years since I first began posting updates on Molly’s Care Page, when she was battling Lymphoma, and the outpouring of support and the amazing messages that we received came from all over the world. Initially, the Care Page updates that I posted daily were written in order to keep our family and close friends in the loop regarding Molly’s condition. It was only a few weeks ago that, one late night, I found myself on Molly’s Care page and I clicked back to Post #1….and I relived each and every day of those five months that Molly battled cancer. If you have read the updates and the messages, then you will certainly agree that Molly’s battle – the story of her battle with cancer – was extending far beyond our little seacoast town in NH. Molly’s fight was touching hearts in each and every corner of the world.

Communities were coming together in order to rally support for our family, for Molly, and the messages that Meg and I received provided us with a tremendous amount of strength and courage as well as hope. We had hope. We had hope that our little girl would beat cancer, and after Molly died our hopes turned into a daydream that has since transformed into a blessing for so many families that are living the nightmare that Meighan and I had to endure only a short time ago. The dream that we shared with a few of our close friends was Molly’s legacy, The Molly Fund, and the wonderful things that we’re able to do with The Molly Fund has everything to do with community involvement. There is strength in numbers, there are many communities involved with The Molly Fund, and none of this would be possible without the help of our pals.


Thank God that we have a lot of wonderful pals in VT. The 3rd Annual Molly Rail Jam, at Smugglers’ Notch, was an amazing success and we were able to raise over $5,000. This event wouldn’t have been successful if it wasn’t for the efforts of the entire Manning clan, Chuck and Tara White, all of the little rippers and their parents, as well as Rick and the entire crew at Smuggs that built the features and rolled out the red carpet for us. There is not a day that passes that I’m not aware that I’m fortunate to have friends in high places. Oakley, Burton, Anon, Gravis, Red, Vew-Do Balance Boards, Frends, and Brackish (Thanks, Lynwood!) kicked in some insane prizes for the event and we can’t thank them enough for their continued support. Chuck White took a lot of photos of the event, and I can’t wait until you all get a glimpse of the Rail Jam trophies that Gary Blodgett made for this year’s event because they were works of art. I am truly bummed that I wasn’t able to win one of these beautiful trophies, since I competed in the “Vintage Board Race” riding a wooden Burton Backhill Snowboard, but that 8 year old girl that smoked me not only trained vigorously for the race but she tested positive for Human Growth Hormones. That’s my excuse. And I had to ride that board switch….



After the Molly event, Bridgett, Danny White, and the fine crew at No School Snowboard Shop, hosted a benefit after-party at the Brewski and we raffled off more products to raise additional dollars for The Molly Fund. Oakley, Ride Snowboards, and Scott goggles kicked in a bunch of swag and we were able to raise a bit more money. Overall, the 2011 Molly Rail Jam was a huge success and it has everything to do with community involvement. Meg and I had many of our close friends make the big drive, put in the effort, in order to spend the weekend with us in VT to show support. XXOO, Brent & Karen, and thanks to all of our BTV/80 Industrial pals for making the trip to Smuggs because it only reinforces the fact that the support that we’re receiving from all of our friends, from communities far and wide, is enabling Molly’s legacy to flourish. Hugs and high fives! Smuggs kicks @$$!

When we woke up this morning in Underhill, VT, it was raining. It was pouring rain and rain was in the forecast for yesterday as well and we were fearful that we were going to have to throw down the Molly event in the rain. We had hope; we said our prayers….and the rain held off for the event. Thank God! But we had to leave VT early this morning and head for home because the rain was supposed to turn into a 16” snow storm and we needed to beat the snow back to NH. No sweat. Meg and I pulled into Hampton and we immediately headed for Las Olas – which is our favorite taqueria on the entire planet – and when I walked into Las Olas I was immediately reminded of the constant community involvement that our little town of Hampton, NH is involved in with The Molly Fund. There is no place like home. Hannah Vokey, Boardrider Art (http://www.boardriderart.com) has a few of her paintings displayed at Las Olas and 1/3 of the proceeds from the sales of her art benefits The Molly Fund. Thank you, Hannah. I wish that I could line the walls of my house with your art.


I can’t pull into town, after being away for a few days, and not swing by the Wall and check the surf. Meg is dialed into my program and she humors me. Thank God that my wife is cool. The waves looked small, junky, but rideable. There were a few folks in the water but I still wasn’t inspired to run home and climb into my winter rubber and pop out for a session. We did cruise up to Jenness Beach and throw the ball for Lulu for a bit, let her run and “air out” from the VT trip, and when I got home I jumped online and read Ralph’s latest post.http://www.ralphspic.com/Molly%20Home.htmlFor those of you that have been following Ralph’s quest to surf 365 days, an entire year, in memory of Molly and Ralph’s loved ones that have been taken from cancer know that he’s subjected himself to this task in order to raise money for The Molly Fund. To date…..Ralph has raised over $10,000 for The Molly Fund! Ralph surfed today and I did not. If you read Ralph’s post, you know that the guy is sick, he’s not feeling well, but he climbed out of bed and he submerged himself in 37 degree water temperatures in order to catch a wave for Molly. Thank God for pals.

Community is a powerful word….We hope that communities FAR and WIDE come out and support us next Saturday (March 13th) as The Surfers take on the mighty Boston Bruins Alumni in the 2nd Annual Molly Hockey Game at the Whittemore Center at UNH. Please click on the game flier on the http://www.mollyrowlee.org for more details. This is going to be a great event because not only will ya’ll have an opportunity to see all of your heroes from the ol’ Bruins days BUT….we, The Surfers, have assembled an all-star team. I have been training vigorously and I’m happy to report that I’ve shunned those HGH injections…although I can’t confirm that’s been the case for that Bruce Shoebottom character. Please clear your schedules and join us for the game at UNH on Saturday because there is strength in numbers and we’re going to need a lot of COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT in order to take care of those old Bruins. It’s going to be awesome! With love,Buck

Molly Shred!

Mar 03, 2011

We are rolling hot-n-heavy to Smuggler’s Notch this weekend for the 3rd Annual Molly Rail Jam which will happen on Saturday night, March 5th, under the lights at Smugg’s. There are a lot of our pals that are making the trip up for the weekend event. We have rented a big ol’ house on the hill, with a group of our close friends, and we’re going to be shreddin’ the gnar and raising some money for The Molly Fund. The US Open begins next week at Stratton Mtn, and many pro shreds are going to be in town this weekend preparing for the Open so we may see some celebrity snowboarders making a surprise appearance at The Molly Rail Jam.

Many thanks to Paige and Emmet Manning, and the entire Manning clan for pulling the event together, and also to Chuck and Tara White for all of their help as well. Meg and I are expecting the weekend to be epic because of all of the love and support that encompasses The Molly Rail Jam. 

Thank you to the folks at Smuggler’s Notch for rolling out the red carpet and allowing us to throw down on the hill. We also have to thank Gary Blodgett (www.colorshackfabrication.com), trophy maker to the stars, and Gary has created awards for some of the biggest snowboarding events on the planet and he has donated the trophies, again this year, for the Rail Jam. Thank you, Gary. The crew from Lucky Sign Shop in PA has donated a ton of huge “Molly” die cut stickers, in order for us to brand the features in the park at Smugg’s, and we offer many thanks to them also. We are fortunate to have a lot of industry support from our friend’s at Oakley, Anon, Red, Frends, Analog, and Burton as these great companies donated product for contest prizes as well as the raffle. We are also appreciative to the crew at No School Snowboard Shop in Jeffersonville, VT for their help with the Molly Jam, and it’s amazing that so many people have joined forces to ensure that this year’s event will be over the top. Please join us at Smugg’s because it’s going to be an epic weekend.

Meg and I have been thinking about starting a monthly newsletter because so many people have rallied behind The Molly Fund in order to drive contributions to the Foundation. There are little girls that have been cutting their hair Locks of Love. There have been people raising money for The Molly Fund and running marathons in honor of Molly. We have received donations from children that have had birthday parties, and instead of receiving presents from their friends they have asked their little pals to contribute to The Molly Fund. Our good friend, Duffy McCarthy, recently lost his father, Allen, and Meg and I attended the memorial service. The McCarthy family decided that in lieu of flowers they would ask that people make donations to The Molly Fund. The McCarthy contributions reached well over $1000. Meg and I are constantly in awe of the love and support that we, along with the Foundation, are blessed to receive and we cannot possibly thank the McCarthy family enough for their support. My good friend Michael Gerardi owns Mountain Dogs in Plaistow, NH (www.mountaindogsinc.com), and a few months ago Mountain Dogs hosted a ski and snowboard event and they were able to raise $1000 for The Molly Fund through raffle prizes. Our goal is to raise $100,000 a year in order to support The Molly Rowlee Fund at Dana Farber, and we’ll be able to achieve this because of the generosity of so many beautiful people.

Thank you all – this journey is certainly turning into a very spiritual, wonderful ride and Meg and I are stoked, and very blessed, that so many of ya’ll are making the trip with us.Molly shred this weekend at Smuggler’s Notch, big hockey game at UNH next Sunday with the Boston Bruins Alumni vs. The Surfers, and it’s amazing that these two events are coming together so perfectly. Believe me when I say, that it takes a tremendous amount of effort by so many people for us to be able to organize these events and every single day I’m reminded of something that I realized very quickly when Molly was first diagnosed with cancer…….thank God for friends.

Thank you all. See ya’ll on the hill at Smugg’s. It’s going to be epic!!!! XXOO Buck

Supporting Businesses

The following people and companies are the foundation of our community that have helped build The Molly Fund to where it is today, through generous donations of money, product, and services.