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Positive energy…..

May 23, 2011

Molly’s spirit surrounds us. There are brief moments in time that I can feel her presence beside me – when I’m in my truck, alone with my thoughts, and sometimes when I’m in the water by myself and something will trigger a thought and I’ll think of Molly. When I feel Molly’s presence, I get chills, and that’s an easy way to describe the sensation but when I close my eyes and reflect back on all of those times that I’ve experienced Molly’s energy I believe the feeling is more like a sudden jolt of energy surging through my body. A warm tingling of sorts – if that makes any sense…..Last Sunday I was in the water surfing with a few pals and Ralph Fatello was also in the water and Ralph was “catching his wave for Molly.” While we were all surfing, it began to downpour and that is when the magic happened.Please click on the link here for Ralph's Newsletter and enjoy Ralph’s account of his experience as well as the photo of Molly surfing tandem with Capt. Ralph. If you would like to follow Ralph’s daily blog, you can join the excitement at Ralph's Pic. Pray for sunshine!


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