Home of The Molly Fund, supporting children with cancer in memory of Molly Rowlee.


The New Site

Aug 16, 2011

Because of how the Molly Fund came together, the site was pulled together pretty quickly, and within the capabilities of whatever I was able to do myself. At the end of last year, I started re-designing the site and talked to my friend and co-worker Andy Pfeiffer to get some tips on writing the code. Any code that I write ends up working enough to do its job, with a significant touch of ghetto to it. Because Andy knew about the Molly Fund, he stepped up and volunteered to write the code himself.

We both have pretty busy jobs and not a lot of free time, so it's been a while since we started. Andy has put in an incredible amount of hours making sure that every pixel is perfect, enhancing the design with ideas of his own, and covering bases that I hadn't worried about in the past. He probably spent 40 hours just solving a bug with font rendering. We can't thank him enough for his efforts. He's incredibly talented and we wouldn't have been able to pull this off without him.

Andy has a side business doing this sort of thing, and he's a perfectionist that's talented at design, development, and content management with Expression Engine. He's generally pretty busy, but if you need a web site check him out at Alchemy Design.

Another huge round of thanks from everyone at the Molly Fund.


Supporting Businesses

The following people and companies are the foundation of our community that have helped build The Molly Fund to where it is today, through generous donations of money, product, and services.