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Jun 15, 2012

Patrick Walsh Death Race

The Event

We're excited to announce that our friend, Patrick Walsh, is raising money for The Molly Fund by doing the Death Race in Vermont. What does it involve? How about 60 hours that includes a 12-mile swim, Caesar cipher decoding, and 40+ miles of trail running while carrying a 60+ pound rock the whole way. Holy crap.

He wanted to support the fund to give true meaning to what he's doing, in turn providing him a greater level of motivation to make it through the race. He's done it before, and he knows what's involved and the toll that it will take on him. He also realized that the Death Race is a true celebration of life, which he wrote the following about after a previous race:

The Death Race, ironically enough, has almost nothing to do with either death or racing; although it shrouds itself in that cover quite well. It is, in the end, a test that only you can give yourself. There are people there that help along the way. After all what would the Death Race be if not for the creative genius of Joe Desena, Andy Weinberg and staff. It is about the perception of personal limits, learning who you truly are in the face of adversity, and succeeding at something that you will repeatedly be told is beyond your grasp. It is a journey that condenses the most critical path of personal life lessons into a brief weekend in the Vermont mountains. As racers more eloquent than me put it, it is about life. And that is the irony - that it is indeed, in the end, the Life Race. Doesn't sound as cool, right? No one wants to run the "life race." We, as people, grow through struggle. It's only through stumbling in life that we learn our greatest lessons, so we seek the moments that give us that opportunity, and the Death Race sets that stage. The only thing we need to do is show up, toe the line and make the choice to move our feet forward as fast as we're able to in every given moment. The rest takes care of itself.

There's one twist here: We've been planning this for a while, but hectic schedules made it really tough to coordinate everything before the race so we're trying something new. The event was just completed, and we are doing a one-week push to support it post-event. So, please support this great, generous effort and show you're appreciation for Patrick's suffering by donating what you can. We're trying a new site for events like this to be able to track and share with others. You can donate here:



The Details
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  • Date: Jun 15, 2012
  • Time: 12:00
  • Location: Pittsfield, VT
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