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Mar 18, 2012

Surfers vs. The Boston Bruins Alumni Hockey Game

On Sunday afternoon, during the Boston Bruins vs The Surfers game, Dave LaCouture, #28, of the Bruins Alumni pulled me aside as soon as the final buzzer sounde. I could tell that Dave was choked up by the look in his eyes as I have seen that gaze a million times since Molly passed. Dave expressed his condolences to Meighan and I that we lost Molly, he told me that he had two children of his own and that he couldn’t imagine the pain of losing a child, and it was a special moment shared between two fathers. As soon as Dave skated away, Bob Sweeney came over to me, he put his arm around my shoulders, and we shared a few words about what a fantastic event we (our Seacoast Community) seem to pull off each year and Bob told me that all of the Bruin players truly look forward to playing at The Molly Fund event.

After the game, all of The Surfers were and amping over the entire experience and stoked for the after party at Margarita’s with the ol’ Bruins. In the locker-room, dudes were sounding off about how awesome of a game it was and I quickly chimed in with a few thoughts of my own. I think the coolest part of this event is that when you take the ice against the Bruins Alumni you feel like a pro hockey player. I don’t feel like some 40 year old kook skater. When I put on all of my pads, lace up my skates, I feel like a professional hockey player and that’s @#$% cool!  To be honest, when you’re on the ice and you’re looking at guys like Rick Middleton and Terry O’Reilly you feel like you’re a NHL player. What is so awesome about this experience is that it’s almost like a “fantasy” game and you get to face off against some of the heroes that you idolized when you were a grom. I didn’t grow up in New England. I didn’t grow up playing hockey every single day, being passionate about the sport from such an early age like most of my Surfer brethren, but I can truly appreciate playing a game against guys that were masters in their sport. Trust me….even former NHL players are masters in their sport.

A lot of the guys on The Surfers team have played high level hockey. We have guys that played in college, a few that played in the minors, and 90% of the guys on our Surfers team still play regularly every week. The Bruins may not be as fit as they once were but that doesn’t matter because their muscle memory is MAGIC!  Their passing ability and their puck handling is flawless, and there is absolutely no question why those guys skated in the NHL and why we were the ones wearing tie dyed jerseys. The Bruins whooped up on us pretty good, but the folks that won on Sunday are all of the families that have children battling cancer at Children’s Hospital-Boston because we raised a boat load of money in order to provide financial assistance to them, and it felt good knowing that we had won THAT game before any of us had stepped on the ice.

If you were at the game on Sunday and you were keeping score, than you know that we (The Surfers) were outscored by a few goals and we ended up losing the game. But it really doesn’t matter because for all of us playing for The Surfers, and the Bruins too, know that the game is a charity event and we’re providing entertainment. ENTERTAINMENT? !!  If you take a few minutes and check out all of the photos, you will see a lot of smiling faces, a few hugs, but look closely and you will see a few egos as well!  In the closing minutes of the game, I managed to sneak a break-a-way only to be blatantly fouled by the legendary Bruin enforcer, Bruce Shoebottom. The referee awarded me a penalty shot. I would like to think that I put the “money dance” on Cleon and he made a great save on my penalty shot but I cannot lie. I choked. Cleon was toying with me…and I choked. But it doesn’t matter because we (The Surfers) felt like winners before we even took the ice on Sunday. The new guys on our team were beaming the entire day. John Adams, one of our new additions, has only played hockey five times in his life and he scored an amazing goal!  Johnny Reynolds, NH surfing rock star, scored a goal!  Marty Pouliot is a 40+ year old hockey player who hasn’t skated in several years and he scored 2 goals!  Steve O’Hara, owner of Pioneers Board Shop, has NEVER played hockey but he almost scored…TWICE!  I watched the kids in the stands go crazy!  I saw the wives and families of some of my teammates, in the stands, smiling ear to ear!  It was an amazing day, and there was so much to be thankful for regardless of the score….


I'm thankful for Kenny Linseman, #13 for the Bruins and a Stanley Cup Champion, for taking three stand-by flights in order to get home from Puerto Rico in time for the game on Sunday. Much love, Kenny. Thank you, bro. I am thankful for all of my Surfer hockey brethren that put in the big effort on the ice as well as with their FUNraising because I’m certain that we’ll have surpassed previous years fundraising totals when the finally tally is a lock. I am thankful for all of our wonderful friends that volunteered during the event, baked treats for the bake sale, sold raffle tickets, and peddled MOLLY merchandise during the game. I am thankful for the awesome folks at Margarita’s for hosting the after game bash, and I am SO THANKFUL for my beautiful wife, Meighan, for running point on organizing the event this year and doing an unreal job. Meg, as you know, is 9 months pregnant, and the due date is Thursday…..March 22. Meg’s a goddess…..

But what I’m most thankful for is the ARMY of beautiful people that have rallied behind The Molly Fund. We’re able to keep Molly’s legacy alive, to continue to drive money into the Molly Fund, because of all of the incredible support. The donations and contributions that we have received from friends, family, and people who we haven’t even met are astonishing. Their generosity is most appreciated. We are thankful for the ARMY of pals that attend all of the Molly Fund events, those folks that participate in the Molly events and all of those wonderful human beings that donate their time to volunteer at each event are why we’re able to WIN. We are winning…because we have an ARMY of supporters. Thank you all…..

Over the past few days, I’ve been downloading photos from all of our past Molly Fund events in order to have them printed and framed. Billy Ritchie, our dear friend, spent the past few months finishing our basement and it’s beautiful. I am in decorating mode!  The photos that we have from all of the Molly events are epic!  My office is going to look like the Molly Event Hall Of Fame!!  But having a chance to review all of the photos gave me a chance to reflect on what an amazing “thing” that The Molly Fund has evolved into and the joy that it brings to so many of our lives. When Molly died, I didn’t know if I would ever have the strength to continue living. But we’re living, and we’re rejoicing, and tomorrow we may welcome our new son, Thomas James (TJ) into the world. Pure joy…..

We’ll get Showbottom and his Bruin pals next year. Thank you, and bless you all, for the continued support.

With Love,

Buck, Meg & Kieran





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