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Mar 02, 2012

The Molly Rail Jam 2012

Humility is a great teacher. When Molly was first diagnosed with cancer, I was completely humbled at the outpouring of love and support that our family received. After Molly passed away, I felt humbled by the overwhelming amount of folks that encouraged us to continue with The Molly Fund, and it has been very humbling to witness the blessings that have been showered upon Meighan and me as an army of our pals have rallied together in order to help take The Molly Fund to the next level.

On March 2nd we held the Fourth Annual Molly Rail Jam at Smuggler’s Notch, VT and, again, I felt a tremendous sense of humility as I watched so many magical events unfold throughout the course of the night. I catch myself praising Paige Manning every single year but what’s there NOT to praise! OMG!  Paige is responsible for running point and organizing all of the USASA events in VT, she also holds down the fort in the rider registration hut during the US Open for Burton Snowboards(which is a really big deal, trust me), but she also finds a bit of time amidst all of the chaos to organize the Molly Rail Jam for us. This year it was an amazing event and what made it so wonderful is that I was consciously aware of my humility. The first experience of the night is when a mother walked up to me and wrote The Molly Fund a check for $660 and told me that her little boy, Hans, had raised that amount of money by soliciting donations from area folks. I was humbled by this little shredder kid who found it in his heart to FUNraise $660 in order to help fuel the fire – pretty neat. During the day, Kieran and I spent time on the hill and Friday afternoon my good friend, Win Fream, called to say hello and tell me that he was thinking of me. Win and his son Colby, along with a few of Colby’s friends, were snowboarding at Cranmore Mountain. I told Win that Kieran and I were at Smugg’s and that The Molly Rail Jam was going to happen that night, under the lights, on Sir Henry Trail. My second humbling experience happened  several hours later when Win, Colby, and Colby’s posse walked into the yert to sign up for The Molly Rail Jam. Win drove 4 hours from Cranmore, after spending the day on the hill with the boys, in order to support the cause and then he drove the crew 3.5 hours back to the NH Seacoast after we wrapped up the event for the night. Win probably made it home close to 2:00 a.m. and Win’s effort on the day was pretty epic. I was also humbled at the amount of friends that made the trek to Smugg’s just to lend support and give Kieran and I some great hugs. I have said it before but…“thank God for pals.”  It was awesome seeing you all. Thank you.

We had over 50 riders show up to compete at this year’s Molly Rail event. I was humbled at the turn-out and the sheer number of volunteers that jumped in and help the event run smoothly. Many thanks to Emmet Manning as EM spent most of the night the night keeping Kieran out of trouble and “manning” the raffle. Huge props to Keegan Manning and his crew of rock star judges that “braved” the mild temperatures and spent the night judging the event. Travis Kerr was on the mic, MC’ing the event, and he was absolutely ON FIRE – so funny – and kept the crowd well entertained. Thank you, Travis!  We could not have pulled off an event of this magnitude if it wasn’t for the awesome hospitality that Smugg’s rolls out to us each year and this year was no exception. I have to offer many thanks to Rick for making the magic happen with the rail set-up and with all of his efforts behind the scenes. Thanks also to Mike for the park grooming. We had a huge amount of prizes that were donated for the raffle, which is important to note because the raffle allows us to generate a great deal more money during the event. Thanks to Burton, Oakley, SASS, Da Kine, Anon Optics, and all of the area businesses that kicked in swag for the event. The final tally is not yet complete, but my estimation is that we easily surpassed the $5K mark that we achieved last year. My money is on hitting $7,000!  That is pretty humbling. But what makes the Molly Rail Jam special is that it’s organic. It has a very real VT feel, and so many hands are involved in ensuring that the event is successful that it certainly proves that in order for the Molly Fund to continue to “pay it forward,” and help families that have children fighting cancer, it surely takes an army to make it happen. The Manning family rallies the troops and each year I gain a bit more humility. Humility is a wonderful teacher.

High five!


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