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The Molly Surf Celebration

Jul 23, 2011


Our family is certainly blessed. Last Tuesday, July 12th, marked the second anniversary of Molly’s death. Getting through the first year without Molly was a daily struggle. Meg, Kieran, and I dealt with every emotion imaginable in the first twelve months that Molly had passed and it seemed as though our grief became less intense as we dove into 2011. Time heals most wounds – even the ones that are the most painful. Last Tuesday we received so many wonderful messages and amazing words of support from far and wide. Thank you. Molly is gone from this life but she is very much with us every day and we can feel her presence in our lives. Molly wants us to continue to live, she wants us to be happy, and Molly wants us to celebrate life.

Summer is the time of the year that we celebrate Molly! For those of you that have been following Ralph Fatello’s quest to “Catch a wave for Molly” and surf every single day for a full year, then you may know that Ralph is on his final stretch and his quest wraps up on July 26th. We are going to be joining Ralph for his final wave on 6:00pm and we’ll meet at 10th St at The Wall, and we invite everyone to join us on this night in order to celebrate Ralph and his amazing dedication to honoring not only Molly but those that have also lost their battle with cancer. We can’t thank those of you that have pledged contributions to Ralph’s quest because I believe that, when the final tally is noted, Ralph will have raised tens of thousands of dollars for The Molly Fund. Please check out Ralph’s blog Ralph's Pic and we hope to see all of you along side of us on the 26th as we give Capt Ralph a big hug and high five….and many thanks.

Our pals in ME have rallied and organized a Stand Up Paddle race in Ogunquit, ME on July 30th and this event is also going to benefit The Molly Fund. We are totally excited about this event because it’s going to pull the surfer tribe together from all across New England. www.paddletothepoint.org has all of the details as well as registration information and we’re expecting a huge turnout for the inaugural event. There will be an Elite as well as a Recreational division and I’m encouraging everyone to jump in and join us for a paddle because it’s going to be an incredible amount of fun.

The second annual Molly Surf Celebration is on for August 20-21st. We are going to hold the GROM event on Saturday, August 20th and the adult event on Sunday the 21st. We had such an amazing event last year that we decided to continue with the same theme. Yes, no need for the adults to bring their boards to the event because we will supply ALL of the surfboards. Before each heat, the adult surfers will draw the boards that they will have to ride in their heat from my COWBOY hat! FUN!!! The Molly Surf Celebration “vibe” is more of a festival than an actual “contest.” How uber competitive can you truly be if you happen to draw a 1967 Eaton or a 8’0 soft top rental board for your heat? The focus is having fun and enjoying the day in the water with all of our friends, so in order to take that fun to the next level we’re going to award the adult surfers with additional points if they SURF IN COSTUME!!! I have my Spider Man and Hannah Montana kits dialed and I’m ready for action. $20 is the entry fee for both the Groms and the Adults – we’ll have sign ups at 7:00am at 10th St at The wall on both days, so please mark your calendars and joins us for a weekend on the beach in order to CELEBRATE MOLLY!!! The event flier is coming as well as the update on http://www.mollyrowlee.org so please check the website weekly as we will post more details as we get closer to the August 20th weekend and all NH area surf shops will have The Molly Surf Celebration info/event fliers soon. Please follow us on Facebook too!!

I was re-organizing my office the other day and I came across a card, a “thank you” card, which I received last year from a family that received support from The Molly Fund. Sometimes I get caught up in the chaos of life – trying to balance work, family, play, and The Molly Fund – and I lose sight on the big picture and the reason why Molly’s legacy continues with the Foundation. The thank you card was an instant reminder and I’d like to think that it was no accident that I re-discovered this family’s note. An amazing amount of people are helping drive The Molly Fund forward. We are raising a lot of money and by working with Dana Farber and The Jimmy Fund we are able to reach out and help so many families that desperately need the kind of financial support that The Molly Fund can provide. Meg and I are only a small part of what happens behind the scenes because we’re blessed to have the support of so many people that are always more than willing and only too eager to lend a hand and raise a few bucks in order to help families in need. I can honestly say that our friends, family, and our wonderful community enabled us to survive another year without Molly and somehow a sincere “thank you” can’t even begin to describe how truly grateful Meg and I feel. Looking back to July 12, 2009, I wrote that there has to be some good that will surface from Molly’s death. At the time, I had just lost my daughter. My only thought was praying for the strength to continue living, and I really had no idea what “good” could come from Molly’s death. But today all I have to do is open that “thank you” card and it all makes perfect sense. We’re doing some good things and it certainly takes an army to make it happen. We love you all and we are so very grateful for your help. Please join us as we celebrate Molly this summer.

Throwin’ shaka’s!


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