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Moustache-A-Thon and Other Big News

Oct 31, 2011

It has been a couple of months since we wrapped up The Molly Surf Celebration. We have been sort of scratching our heads, trying to think up a new and exciting Molly Fund fundraiser, when our good pal Brandon Halberstadt hit us with a great idea just the other day. Molly Moustache-A-Thon!!  During the month of November, we’re going to grow moustaches and raise money for The Molly Fund. If you’re stoked on the idea and you want to join the fun, then we would love to see you at Wally’s, in Hampton Beach, on Tuesday November 1st where we’ll meet and kick off the event. Please see the event flier for all of the info and we hope to have a posse on hand at Wally’s on Tuesday so we can rally and continue to raise more moola for The Molly Fund.

I have a good friend and a very good Oakley account located in Plaistow, NH. Michael Gerardi owns MTN DOGS and Michael has been a big supporter of the Molly Fund for the past two years. Each fall Michael hosts a huge bash in which the crew from Meat Head Productions shows up and premieres their latest ski movie. There is a ton of food and beverages, a DJ spins some music, and the snow industry rallies and contributes a ton of product which Michael uses for raffle and silent auction items. Last year, MTN DOGS raised $1000 for The Molly Fund but the good news is that this year the local Wal Mart stepped up and immediately donated $1000 to the Molly Fund so we’re already up a thousand bucks!

The MTN DOGS event this year happened on Saturday October 29th at the American Legion Hall which is located on RT 121 on the Haverhill/Plaistow line. The event not only benefited The Molly Fund but the National MS Society as well.

I think that it’s only fitting that Meg and I share some good news with all of you. Meg is pregnant and it looks like Kieran is going to have a baby brother to boss around at the end of March. Yep, we’re pretty stoked. But as you can probably imagine, when Molly passed away the last thing that we had even remotely considered was having another baby. Our focus was surviving the grief, making sure that Kieran was in a good place, and it’s true that time certainly does help heal some very painful wounds.  Meighan wanted to have another child and I, of course, was all in!  We will soon be blessed with the birth of our third child, our second son, and Meg will quickly have her hands full with three cowboys tearing up the house. Life happens when you’re busy making other plans….

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, and we hope that you will all continue to support The Molly Fund and help us continue to make some magic happen in keeping Molly’s legacy alive. It is truly amazing what the Molly Fund has evolved into; it’s been a blessing to not only our family but also to so many other families that are trying to cope with the nightmare of childhood cancer. Boys, let’s grow some ugly facial hair throughout November and fuel the arsenal!  And thanks to those that came out to the MTN DOGS event on Saturday for some “get stoked for snow” fun.


Buck & Meg





The New Site

Aug 16, 2011

Because of how the Molly Fund came together, the site was pulled together pretty quickly, and within the capabilities of whatever I was able to do myself. At the end of last year, I started re-designing the site and talked to my friend and co-worker Andy Pfeiffer to get some tips on writing the code. Any code that I write ends up working enough to do its job, with a significant touch of ghetto to it. Because Andy knew about the Molly Fund, he stepped up and volunteered to write the code himself.

We both have pretty busy jobs and not a lot of free time, so it's been a while since we started. Andy has put in an incredible amount of hours making sure that every pixel is perfect, enhancing the design with ideas of his own, and covering bases that I hadn't worried about in the past. He probably spent 40 hours just solving a bug with font rendering. We can't thank him enough for his efforts. He's incredibly talented and we wouldn't have been able to pull this off without him.

Andy has a side business doing this sort of thing, and he's a perfectionist that's talented at design, development, and content management with Expression Engine. He's generally pretty busy, but if you need a web site check him out at Alchemy Design.

Another huge round of thanks from everyone at the Molly Fund.


The New Site

Jul 24, 2009

It's been a long week of rebuilding, but the site is finally ready. Things have moved pretty quickly in the last few weeks, we had set out to start this project a while ago and it didn't get too far. Spending time with Buck, Meighan, and Molly at CHB early in July brought home how important this was to do, and how we needed to find more ways to support the Rowlee family. We pretty much built the site that weekend, and it was thrown together. A week later, we received the heartbreaking news that Molly had passed away and already it was time to update the site. Rather than change what was there, it made more sense to do it right, and that's what is launching now.

It's been an amazing community of friends that has powered the Rowlees through this experience, and hopefully this can be a place to continue that support. There are two main areas still being built out - community message boards where you can leave messages or discuss anything relevant, and a photo section. I'm hoping people can contribute photos to help populate it, and I'll post some updates on how to do that soon.

While Buck, Meighan, and Kieran have had a long journey already, this is just the beginning. The hope is to build the Little Miss Molly Foundation into something larger. The fundraising here has started as a means to help the Rowlees cover their significant bills, but this will evolve into a way to support other families facing the same challenges. The dust hasn't even settled, and Buck is already focused on how to give back the same level of support that he's received, and the need he's seen first hand from other families struggling to pay the daily parking at the hospital or to cover the gas expense to get there. Future events are already being planned, and we're hoping all of you can be a part of that.

We're figuring this out as we go, so if you've got any input, don't hold back. Buck now has access to this blog area, and will have the ability to post messages here. The CarePages are incredibly well-written, but it's time to close that chapter and start a new one. If you haven't read the CarePage updates, you really should. Sign up is quick, and it will make you re-evaluate everything that is important in your life, guaranteed.


Supporting Businesses

The following people and companies are the foundation of our community that have helped build The Molly Fund to where it is today, through generous donations of money, product, and services.